Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thailand: Don't Feed The Bears

Tourist who teased a bear by dangling food in its jaws is gored and dragged inside the beast's enclosure but miraculously survives  

This is the horrifying moment a bear brutally mauls a tourist after he teased the beast by dangling food in its jaws. Naiphum Promratee, 36, hung bowls of rice into the animal's enclosure using rope while visiting the temple in rural Phetchabun province, Thailand. But he angered the bear who stood on its hind legs and dragged him into the enclosure, knocking him unconscious before tearing off his flesh with its teeth.

Horrifying footage showed spectators trying in vain to scare away the bear as he mauled Promratee. His friends hit the bear with poles and threw cold water at it, to no avail. The bear continued to bite and scratch Promratee for almost a minute before it started dragging him across the dusty enclosure.  But one of the group ran into the enclosure and battered the bear in its cage with a pole while friends rescued Naiphum. The day before the attack, the head abbot at the Wat Luang Phor Lamai temple said some of the creatures were 'hungry' because they were not being given enough food. Daily Mail>>>>>>


  1. I live in in an area where grizzly bears kill people all the time. I am for the human not the bear. Yes they are God's creation yet God put man in charge of the Earth. I wish we could kill or relocate these dangerous Bears so people could live and and enjoy the outdoors in safety. Looking at these pictures, wasn't anyone trying to help this man?

    1. I want to believe what you say it's a joke. But in case it is not, let's put aside the religious side since it's so stupid to believe that WE humans are in charge of this planet, haha your ego it's too high. You see, we humans are nothing but mere creatures like any other living in this planet, trying to survive, and why not, killing and destroying everything that tries to stop us from our objective. The solutions you gave are stupid, why relocating the bear? it's not like it's out in the wild near civilization, but in a temple where it's taken care of, and also killing the bear for this is out of the question, bears are not humans, don't you dare to judge them as we do with our kind, if the bear attacked him it's because he's SO STUPID as to try to feed a bear when he's not part of the staff, and if the bear was able to catch him I will assume he somehow trespassed into the bear habitat, so he got what he deserved, there's rules man, what did you expect to happen? It's very sad this happens and I sound so cruel but I'm saying the truth, and the bear shouldn't be killed for this, just have more security so no more idiots do the same and get themselves killed or something. Also remember that they said the bear was not feed properly days before the accident, so there you have a hungry bear, it's a human fault