Saturday, June 29, 2024

Forest Service shuts down Rainbow Family Gathering in Plumas National Forest

Beryl Expected To Become 'Dangerous' Major Hurricane

Apocalyptic Floods Devastate China Again!

Scorpions are invading homes in Texas this summer - here's how to keep them out

Central Texas has been beset by an unsettling increase in scorpion invasions this summer, more than past years. Local pest control services have voiced a rise in demand for scorpion extermination. This influx of scorpions comes as a result of the increasing heat, according to Alan Brown, a board certified entomologist at ABC Homes and Commercial Services. In a statement, Brown explained: "What's happening now is it's getting so hot outside, getting dry, they're seeking a cooler place to go.

However, the heat is not the only factor. Stringent rain showers this spring led to flooding that drove scorpions from their burrows to the ground's surface, as pointed out by Dave Moellendorf from Zookeeper Exotic Pets. Under normal circumstances, scorpions find refuge under rocks to escape the heat. If they are perpetually searching for shade, they may confuse your home for a cool rock. They are also tempted by damp spaces which means you could uncover them in your swimming pool, toilet or showers. Despite their lack of swimming skills, they float on water, as stated by Arizona Central. Source

What do you think of this method for catching snakes?

Climate Idiots Gets Wrecked Trying to Block a Truck with a Rope

Monday, June 3, 2024

πŸ”΄ LIVE STORM CHASER IN WISCONSIN - Strong Winds, Tornadoes, and Large Hail!

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Erupts In Area That Hasn't Seen Eruption In 50 Years

Rockwall Co. dam concerns could lead to evacuations

Rockwall County homeowners on standby for evacuation orders

WATCH: Dr. Fauci Delivers Fiery Opening Remarks In Front Of House Select Subcommittee On Covid-19

BREAKING NEWS: Fauci Grilled By Brad Wenstrup About COVID-19 Policies

Fauci testifies publicly before House panel on COVID origins, controversies

This Weather Is Getting Out of Control...

A Unique Storm Is Developing…