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Croatia Earthquake, Filmed During Press Conference

6.5 Mag Earthquake Bosnia And Herzegovina + Czechia + Croatia + Germany + Hungary + Italy + Montenegro + Romania + Slovakia + Serbia And Austria......

Children in Russia going home after school.

Small Number Of Covid Patients Develop Severe Psychotic Symptoms...... I Don’t Know Why I Feel This Way That I Want To Decapitate My Kids.......


Deadly Coronavirus-Triggered Fungal Infection Reported In India

PFIZER COVID-19 KILLSHOT! Health Care Worker In NYC Has Serious Allergic Reaction To PFIZER Vaccine

Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Ill. Temporarily Paused Injections Of The Pfizer Vaccine

Gang Of Sheep A Goat And Three Lambs Terrorize Turkish Neighborhood.....

Nurse Faints During Press Conference After Getting Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

PFIZER COVID-19 KILLSHOT! A Health-Care Worker In Juneau, Alaska, Had A Severe Anaphylactic Reaction To The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.....

POPE FRANCIS DOOM! Blood Of St. Januarius Fails To Liquify On The Eve Of Pope Francis' 84th Birthday!

DOOM! The Blood Of SAN GENNARO Has Not Melted! Remains Solid!

UPDATE: Covid Vaccine Shot Turns Into KIllshot? Alabama Nurse Jennifer Lee McClung, 54, of Muscle Shoals, DIES After Taking Covid Vaccine At Helen Keller Hospital?

EARTHQUAKE 6.1 MAG - 21 km SOUTH Of Sarangani, Philippines

4.7-Mag Quake Hits Nevada... Bay Area Jolted By Early-Morning Shake...

Doom! Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake Hits Chile-Bolivia Border During Solar Eclipse

DOOM! Mt Etna Erupts Two Days Before The Feast Of Feast Day of San Gennaro