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Our Lady of La Salette On Montana Hailstorm Slaughters 11,000 Birds...It Will Rain With A Fearful HAIL Of Animals.

In Brazil, Sudden DARKNESS Befalls Sao Paulo, Baffling Thousands....

Our Lady Of La Salette On Phish's PLAGUE - Plague-Infected Prairie Dogs

Hummingbird Pool Party Number Five!

Raccoon Stuck In Vending Machine


INDIA: Massive Monsoon Landslide Sweeps Away A Southern Indian Village

China: People Flee From Land Slide....

Our Lady Of La Salette On BEACH DAY HORROR! Three Killed After Cliff Collapse On To Sun Bathers At Grandview Beach In Encinitas CA

Trump Tweet Rat Infested Baltimore: Rat Runs Through FOX45 Baltimore Reporter’s Live Broadcast

Hundreds Of Asian Carp Leaping Out Lake When Stunned With Eectricity By Wildlife Officials In Kentucky.

Bear Wakes Up Two Sleeping Men....

Stay Stay Stay

The Editors Bloomberg: Ebola Outbreak Is U.S. National Security Threat...

Our Lady Of La Salette On What If We’re No Longer Afraid Of Ebola?

DOOM! Mammatus Clouds Spotted Above Chinese City

Naegleria Fowleri DOOM! NC Swimmer Eddie Gray, 59, Died From Brain-Eating Parasite

Florida Girl, 9, Flung In The Air By Charging Bison At Yellowstone National Park

DOGS TO TEAR: Neighbor Saves 6-Year-Old From Pit Bull Attack In Conroe, TEXAS

FISHING PLAGUE! Jerry Sebek, 78, Infected With PLAGUE During Fishing Trip In Turtle Bay TEXAS....

ISLAND OF DEATH! 36 Americans Have Died In The Dominican Republic Since January 2018

Mystery Over Death Of 50 Whales Found Washed Up On Beach

PLANE PLAGUE! EBOLA Spread Around The World By Air Travel...First Case Of EBOLA In Congo City Of Goma Detected

China: Landslide In Peng'an County In Sichuan Province On July 18

Bad Dog Bad Dog.....