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Four Famines: Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria And Yemen

Queensland Cyclone Debbie

India Heat Wave

Rio de Janeiro Starts Vaccinating Against Yellow Fever After The Worst Outbreak In Decades

Car Struck By Lightning

Russia's Kambalny Volcano Erupts First Time Since Catherine The Great Provided Asylum For The Jesuits!

BEE DOOM! Swarm of Bees Attack Cyclists

Climate Change Helped Cause Brexit, Says Al Gore

BEE DOOM! Honey Nut Cheerios Pulled Its Buzz The Bee Mascot!

Spring King Fishing Canceled By Emergency Order

Salmon Landings In Hokkaido In 2016 Are The Lowest In Three Decades

Japan’s 2016 Chum Salmon Catch Below 100,000t

Worst Klamath Chinook Run On Record Forecast

Yuba Salmon Numbers Drop Again

Peru Flood DOOM!

Peru DOOM!

Peru Mudslide

Mount Etna Explodes Showering BBC Crew With Rocks And Magma

Peru: Woman Escapes Death In Mudslide


Mount Etna Erupts 16 March 2017

Drone Footage California Desert

First Photos Of Fukushima's Radioactive Wild Boars

Kansas Burns! Wildfire Hutchinson KS Area!

Wildfires Plague South Florida, Central Kansas

Kansas Burns Sand Hills State Park in Hutchinson, Kansas

Kansas Burns! Grass Fire, Lyon County

Kansas Burns! Brush Fire Damar, Kansas

Hundreds Of Souls Die Of Famine & Diarrhea In Somalia

La Salette On The Increased Activity On Mount Etna

CDC: Increase In Human Infections With Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Virus During The Fifth Epidemic — China, October 2016–February 2017

La Salette Prophecy On The Spread Of The Deadly Bird Flu

Alligator Strolls Across Florida Golf Course Carrying a Big Fish....

El Salvador: Shiite Muslims Beat Hippo To Death!