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Evil Portent: Dodger Stadium Flooded With Sewage After Pipe Bursts

Crawfish Smoking Cigarette Drinking A Beer....

Landslide wipes out motorway in central Peru

DOOM! 49 Dolphins Wash Up DEAD On Argentina Beach

Russian Avalanche Destroys Car Park

DOOM! Freak weather: Orange Snowstorm Submerges Tourist Resorts With Eerie 'Apocalyptic' Scenes

DOOM! Greece Turns ORANGE & freezes

INDIA: Terrifying Moment Python Chokes Snake Charmer To Death

Huge Crack Opens In Kenya's Rift Valley

DOGS TO TEAR: Stray Pit Bull Gets Inside Charlotte Elementary School, Bites 7 Children As They Fled!

Slippy UK

SNAKE WHISPERER Abu Zarin Hussin DEAD After Kissing King Cobra

Dogs To Tear: Four Dogs Attack Man In China...

Tiger Kills Trainer In Zoo

Airport DOOM! Travelers Who Landed In Detroit, Newark, Memphis Get The MEASLES!!!

Attack Of The Cow

Blue Footed Boobies Diving

Mice Invade Restaurant As A Unit

Russia: Fisherman run to escape melting ice

Thousands Of Dead Starfish Wash Up On UK Beach

Dog Bites An ELECTRIC EEL......

Our Lady Of La Salette On DISEASE X: Global Pandemic Of Mystery Disease Could Wipe Out Humanity, Top Scientists Warn......

Our Lady Of La Salette On Mysterious And Deadly New Epidemic Called DISEASE X

Dog Stealing In Vietnam

LAUDATO SI Church in Germany And India Join Forces To Fight Climate Change For Lent!!!

New Homo Church Or New Environmental Church? Looks Like LAUDATO SI CHURCH Is Closer To Reality.....

Dogs To Tear: Family's Wolf-Dog Hybrid Mauls UN-BAPTIZED Eight-Day-Old Baby Girl To Death

MUMPS DOOM! Cheerleaders From 39 States, 9 Countries EXPOSED To MUMPS At DALLAS Competition

Minor Earthquake Shakes Central New Hampshire

4 Month Old Spaniel Meets Mr Snow For The First Time.


Semi Trucks Overturn On Newport Bridge, Fall River, Verrazano Bridge

A Wind Gust In Barnstable Hit 93 mph...........

Boston FLOODS! Bombogenesis Hits The East Coast!