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Monday, July 15, 2024

Flash flood in village escalated quickly

3.4 Earthquake Illinois. Earthquakes continue in the Tonga Region. Monday update 7/15/2024

Dangerous, Hurricane-Force Winds Coming!

This Storm Could Cause A Wide Swath Of Damage

Trash Left by Football Fans in Frankfurt

Nail clipping for pooch

WARNING! Rare Summer Cold Front Brings Derecho, Potential 100 mph Winds!

This Storm Will Be A BIG Problem Today...

PARK CRASH Five rushed to hospital after car plunges into hot, acidic geyser in Yellowstone National Park – as cops investigate

FIVE people were rushed to the hospital after a car they were riding in went off the road and into an inactive acidic geyser. Officials said that the people involved in the accident were spotted Thursday morning driving near the semi-centennial geyser thermal pool before the vehicle fell into the water.Yellowstone National Park officials told CBS that the group managed to escape 105-degree Fahrenheit acidic water. Spokesperson Morgan Warthin said the vehicle was submerged in about nine feet of water. The passengers were taken to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Following the accident, the roadway was shut down to traffic while police and rescue crews extracted the vehicle from the water.Park officials have yet to determine the cause of the incident. The geyser is located near Roaring Mountain and between Mammoth Hot Springs and Norris Junction. The Semi-Centennial Geyser, which was the site of a major explosion in 1922, has been inactive for over a century. In the statement, officials thanked Hanser’s Automotive, US Water Rescue Dive Team, HK, Contractors, Resource Technologies Incorporated, and Yellowstone Park Service Stations for their removal of the car "in such an expeditious manner."The park, which resides close to the Idaho-Montana border, is no stranger to accidents. In July 2023, a public school teacher named Amie Anderson was killed in the park when she encountered a grizzly bear while backpacking across the US. Source

Chicago Among Millions Facing Renewed Risk Of Severe Weather Monday

3.4 magnitude earthquake in DeKalb County

30,000 Sinkholes already ! Residents fear for their lives- Holes swallow people and subdivisions

3.4 magnitude earthquake reported in Illinois: USGS

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Forest Service shuts down Rainbow Family Gathering in Plumas National Forest

Beryl Expected To Become 'Dangerous' Major Hurricane

Apocalyptic Floods Devastate China Again!

Scorpions are invading homes in Texas this summer - here's how to keep them out

Central Texas has been beset by an unsettling increase in scorpion invasions this summer, more than past years. Local pest control services have voiced a rise in demand for scorpion extermination. This influx of scorpions comes as a result of the increasing heat, according to Alan Brown, a board certified entomologist at ABC Homes and Commercial Services. In a statement, Brown explained: "What's happening now is it's getting so hot outside, getting dry, they're seeking a cooler place to go.

However, the heat is not the only factor. Stringent rain showers this spring led to flooding that drove scorpions from their burrows to the ground's surface, as pointed out by Dave Moellendorf from Zookeeper Exotic Pets. Under normal circumstances, scorpions find refuge under rocks to escape the heat. If they are perpetually searching for shade, they may confuse your home for a cool rock. They are also tempted by damp spaces which means you could uncover them in your swimming pool, toilet or showers. Despite their lack of swimming skills, they float on water, as stated by Arizona Central. Source

What do you think of this method for catching snakes?

Climate Idiots Gets Wrecked Trying to Block a Truck with a Rope

Monday, June 3, 2024

πŸ”΄ LIVE STORM CHASER IN WISCONSIN - Strong Winds, Tornadoes, and Large Hail!

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Erupts In Area That Hasn't Seen Eruption In 50 Years

Rockwall Co. dam concerns could lead to evacuations

Rockwall County homeowners on standby for evacuation orders

WATCH: Dr. Fauci Delivers Fiery Opening Remarks In Front Of House Select Subcommittee On Covid-19

BREAKING NEWS: Fauci Grilled By Brad Wenstrup About COVID-19 Policies

Fauci testifies publicly before House panel on COVID origins, controversies

This Weather Is Getting Out of Control...

A Unique Storm Is Developing…

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Massive Landslide Strikes Papua New Guinea, Hundreds Feared Dead | Firstpost Earth

Two deaths now confirmed in Arkansas from possible tornadoes

05-26-2024 Rogers, Arkansas - Tornado Damage via drone

Aerial View Shows Homes Completely Demolished By Possible Powerful Tornado In Sanger, TX

At least 5 dead in Texas after severe weather sweeps across Texas and Oklahoma, authorities say

Deadly tornadoes leave path of destruction from Kansas to Texas

North Texas tornado: homes in Collin County leveled by severe storm

Texas tornado: Driver caught in storm in Valley View, Texas

Cooke County storm: terrified people shelter in destroyed gas station

At least 5 dead in Texas after severe weather sweeps across Texas and Oklahoma, authorities say

πŸ”΄ BREAKING Tornado Warning Coverage - Tornadoes, Significant Wind - With Live Storm Chasers

This Storm Will Be HUGE Today...

Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Indonesia Volcanic Eruptions: Why is Cold Lava Deadly? | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Freak storm leaves Polish city blanketed in hail

INSANE TORNADO PIPE intercept with windmills toppled near Greenfield, Iowa!

Deadly tornado outbreak hits Iowa, city of Greenfield devastated

More deadly tornadoes devastate the Midwest

'Ominous And Terrifying': Aerial View Shows Tornado Ripping Through Carbon, IA

Extensive damage reported in Greenfield, IA

5-21-2024 Greenfield, IA Horrific tornado damage rips town in half- drone.mp4

Long Decline in Water Levels Starts Now - Lake Mead Update - May 2024

TROUBLE ON THE COLORADO! Damaged Pipes FOUND Inside Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell #water #update

05-20-2024 Yuma, Colorado - Extreme Hail - Car Windows Destroyed - Cars Stuck In Hail Drifts

Saturday, May 18, 2024


The Weather Is About To Get Crazy...

Woman attacked by bull on Mexico beach after ignoring warnings

Tourist gored by bull while visiting beach in Mexico

Pod of orcas sink 50-foot yacht in Moroccan waters

Scenes of downtown Houston's destruction following deadly thunderstorm

Aftermath of deadly storms in Houston

Houston storm deaths: Mother of 4 killed by tree in Houston's East End; 3 others died during storms

HOUSTON STORMS: Resident take cover as windows are blown out on Texas skyscrapers

Seven people died in Houston storms

Saturday, May 11, 2024

A solar-terrestrial effect strongly influences volcanism

A solar-terrestrial effect strongly influences volcanism

The presentation focuses on a strong influence of solar wind on seismic and volcanic activity. The activity rates correlate with the solar wind speed and with the geomagnetic indices which reflect the solar induced disturbances of the Earth's magnetic field, Dst and Kp. The data bases of the Global Volcanism Program (Washington), of ISGI (Paris), the USGS, the Osservatorio Vesuviano INGV (Naples) and the OMNIweb (NASA) were accessed. In an early paper (Duma & Vilardo, 1997) it was shown already that seismic activity in the area Mt.Vesuvius varies parallel to the three solar cycles no. 20, 21, 22 (maxima 1969, 1980, 1989). The data set comprises thousands of weak earthquakes M ≤ 3.4. Such a solar effect appears not only in the long term but distinctly in the diurnal range, too, in dependence of the 24 hour cycle of the ionospheric Sq current system. The results of the present study reveal that the seismic activity at Mt.Vesuvius still reacted to this solar impact in the recent period 1999 - 2013. In additon, numerous studies in the past two decades show that this geodynamic influence acts not only on volcanic regions but on many of the main earthquake zones on the globe, causing fluctuations in seismic activity even for events M>6 (e.g. Duma & Ruzhin, 2003; Lipovics, 2005; Duma, 2010). Statistic analyses of time series of seismic strain release and Kp over decades indicated an average significance level of 97% for 9 main earthquake zones. Examples are given which illustrate the effect in seismic regions in N-Italy (fromUmbria to Emilia-Romagna) and S-Italy (Calabria to l'Abruzzo). As to the activity of volcanic eruptions, there is a strong indication that the same solar effect enhances the frequency of eruptions in periods of high solar flare activity of the solar cycles. This is shown not only for Mt. Etna but also for other main volcanoes on the globe, the Mt. St. Helens (USA), Mt. Unzen (Japan), Pinatubo (Philippines) and El Chichon (Mexico). Since the effect can be verified in so many regions, it seems to be a very general and powerful effect with far reaching mechanic implications for seismic as well as volcanic activity. Source

🌎 LIVE NOAA Radio Broadcast | Extreme G5 Geomagnetic Storm Reaches Earth!

🌎 LIVE Sun Solar Flare Alert | NOAA: First Severe Geomagnetic Storm Watch ☀️



Thursday, May 2, 2024


CDC Says Over a Dozen Cats Died After Drinking Raw Milk from Cows Infected with Bird Flu

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on Monday that over a dozen cats have died on a Texas dairy farm after drinking raw milk from cows infected with bird flu. The CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have confirmed that traces of Bird Flu have also been found in commercial milk — but claim it is safe for humans to drink anyway. The Hill reports, “Scientists reported that in mid-March, about 24 cats were fed raw milk at a Texas farm before the cows were known to be sick. One day after the cows showed visible signs of illness, the cats also became sick, and one to two days later, more than half of the cats grew ill and died.” “In early March 2024, similar clinical cases were reported in dairy cattle in southwestern Kansas and northeastern New Mexico; deaths of wild birds and domestic cats were also observed within affected sites in the Texas panhandle,” the CDC wrote in the new report. “In >1 dairy farms in Texas, deaths occurred in domestic cats fed raw colostrum and milk from sick cows that were in the hospital parlor. Antemortem clinical signs in affected cats were depressed mental state, stiff body movements, ataxia, blindness, circling, and copious oculonasal discharge. Neurologic exams of affected cats revealed the absence of menace reflexes and pupillary light responses with a weak blink response.” Source