Saturday, January 20, 2018

UPDATED! Planes Trains And Automobiles DOOM! Amsterdam Airport Suspends ALL Flights + Storm Inga Slams South + Mexico Train Crash Killing Over Ten

Bizarre - life imitating art - again? and again?

Two DOOM events took place today involving two modes of transportation:
  1. Planes
  2. Trains (as yet to occur) see below
  3. Automobiles 
Wow more Planes Trains And Automobiles DOOM?

First the cancelled flights at Amsterdam airports:


Amsterdam suspends all flight services due to severe storm

AMSTERDAM: Amsterdam`s Schiphol airport briefly suspended all air traffic on Thursday due to a severe storm, as gusts of up to 140 kph (90 mph) blew down trees and damaged buildings.  "Due to severe weather conditions: all air traffic has been suspended until further notice," Schiphol airport, one of Europe's busiest flight hubs, said in a tweet. Air traffic will "gradually restart around 12:00 pm (1100 GMT)", the airport said. The cancellations notice came shortly after the Dutch national weather service upped its warning to the highest level. Source

No Train Doom yet.....


Train crashes in Mexico City suburb, killing at least 5 

MEXICO CITY, Jan 18 (Reuters) - A train derailed in a densely populated Mexico City suburb on Thursday morning, killing at least five people, local authorities said.  The train, which was transporting cargo, crashed in Ecatepec, a large municipality in the State of Mexico that forms part of the urban sprawl extending from the capital. After the train ran off the tracks, one of its cars careened into a house, killing at least five inhabitants, the State of Mexico prosecutor's office said.  Authorities are in the process of removing debris from the house, and more victims will likely be found, the office added. Source

This from yesterday:

Pickup, train collision in Mexico kills 5, injures 10 

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Authorities in central Mexico say a crash involving a pickup truck and a train has killed five people and injured 10 more, including six children.  The Jalisco state Civil Defense Department reports via Twitter that Wednesday's accident took place in Lagos de Moreno in the northeastern part of the state.  It posted pictures of the truck on the side of a road near a string of railroad tanker cars. The vehicle's bed was crumpled and separated from the cab.  Civil Defense said all the dead and wounded were riding in the pickup. It didn't say what caused the accident, but urged drivers not to try to beat trains at crossings and not to transport people in cargo beds. Source

I'm confused. either this is the same accident and the top story is incorrect or both news reports are correct and that would mean over 10 dead within two days.....that's strange.

The third part of this doom - Automobiles.......


South reeling from Storm Inga: At least 11 dead and 100,000 without power after slow moving storm dumps a FOOT of snow, temperatures plunge to -15 in the wind and thousands - including Dale Earnhardt Jr. - struggle in treacherous road conditions 

Several Southern states will be dealing with the lingering effects of a slow-moving winter storm that dumped a half-foot of snow on North Carolina's largest cities, dusted the Deep South and killed at least 10 people.  While Winter Storm Inga moved offshore late Wednesday, and the snow has now stopped, temperatures in the South will remain below freezing until Friday - when there's expected to be a major warm-up.   From Charlotte to Raleigh, North Carolina's five most populous cities all saw significant snow from a system that followed an atypical west-to-east path across the state.   By Wednesday afternoon, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Durham each had more than six inches, while some places saw as much as 10 inches. Even the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi got a light coating.  Source 

So that's it your Planes Trains and Automobiles DOOM! 

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