Monday, January 22, 2018

FLU EPIDEMIC! CDC In Turmoil After Government Shut Down

Hospitals and CDC in turmoil after government shutdown at the height of the flu epidemic

As the flu cripples the US, the nation's epidemic war room the CDC is facing debilitating uncertainty in the wake of the government shutdown on Friday night. Last week, California and Alabama both declared states of emergencies for their flu epidemics, hospitals across the country reported IV, antiviral, staff and bed shortages, and 85 otherwise healthy adults and 20 children have died of the flu. Now, much of the staff that has been tracking the epidemic at the CDC and treating cases as the NIH is furloughed until legislators can reach a budget agreement. The Senate has passed a stopgap measure, but, with 70 people dying a week of flu, every hour until Congress signs off and the CDC can resume its regular activities could cost more American lives. Source

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