Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hurricane Jose Could SLINGSHOT Back Into The Jersey Shore

Advance forecasts have raised the possibility that Hurricane Jose could threaten New York City in the coming week. The Category One hurricane's probable path revealed New York City may be in its path, leading to 80mph plus winds and storm surges battering the Eastern Seaboard. According to the Washington Post, based off a European mode, there is a possibility of the extremely rare Fujiwara Effect where Hurricane Jose and Tropical Storm Maria could appear to 'dance.' According to projections for the 24th and 25th of September the storms could pinwheel around each other and slam into New Jersey which was hit by Sandy in 2012. Th e Fujiwara Dance or Effect is more commonly seen in the warmer Pacific, where cyclones bounces off each other like a pinball in a machine. The animated gif below shows how forecasters believe this scenario could play out, with Hurricane Jose hovering in the Atlantic after coming into contact with the East Coast. Tropical Storm Maria is seen arriving from the south and plowing into Jose, with the warmer weather of the Caribbean storm displacing causing the slingshot. ' Source

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