DOOM! Boulder Falls On Virginia Highway As Meteor Lights Up The Night Sky, Confusing Many......

Boulder falls on Virginia highway after meteor lights up the night sky, confusing many

A boulder came out of nowhere and landed on a Virginia highway overnight, leading to confusion when the timing followed widespread reports of a fireball streaking along the East Coast late Thursday. The American Meteor Society says it received nearly 40 reports from people who saw a “fireball” over the Carolinas and Virginia, including callers from the Richmond area where the boulder fell. Witnesses said the fireball appeared around 8 p.m. moving to the north, and dash cam video obtained by ABC11 showed it appeared on the horizon as a bright white ball with a tail of fire.  Hours later came news that a boulder had mysteriously appeared on a highway southeast of Richmond — and it was big enough to throw a passing car onto its roof, Lt. Justin Aronson of the Chesterfield County Police said on Twitter. Source


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