Thursday, July 1, 2021

Over 100 People Die From Heatwave In Canada

Over 100 people die from heatwave in Canada

More than a hundred people could have died from the heatwave in various cities in British Columbia, Canada over the past two days, CBC reported referring to the local police. According to law enforcement officials, over the past 48 hours, the police in the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey have received more than a hundred reports of sudden deaths of citizens, most of whom were retired. Presumably, this is due to the abnormally high air temperature. The TV channel notes that on June 27 and 28, high temperatures were recorded in the city of Lytton, which reached a historical maximum of 49 degrees. In other Canadian provinces, thermometers reached 40-45 degrees. Temperatures began to drop on Tuesday, but in some areas, it will last until the end of the week. Source

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