Saturday, May 5, 2018

GIRAFFE ATTACK: Movie Director Carlos Carvalho, 47, Killed By Gerald The Giraffe

A SOUTH African movie director was killed after being hit by a giraffe while shooting close-ups of the wild animal at a South African game farm. Carlos Carvalho, 47, was shooting scenes at a British expat's game farm when the giraffe, called Gerald, swung its neck - hitting him on his head and sending him flying.The last photograph taken of the award-winning South African director has since been shared, with witnesses recounting the devastating tragedy that unfolded on Wednesday. Focus puller Drikus van der Merwe said: "I was standing right next to Carlos when the giraffe suddenly swung its neck and hit him on his head above his ear and sent him flying about four or five metres through the air." He said that the animal had initially seemed to be "inquisitive", with the crew shooting close ups of its body and feet. He added: "Then while Carlos was looking through the camera eyepiece Gerald swung his neck and hit him against his head. "It came out of nowhere and Carlos didn’t even see it coming. He wasn’t aware of the danger.” Source

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