Sunday, March 1, 2015

Live 2 March 2015: Vatican-Sponsored 11.00 AM Press Conference Of The Ecclesial Pan-Amazonian Network

Scheduled for Mar 2, 2015 Starts at 11.00 am Press conference of the Ecclesial pan-Amazonian Network, which gathers dioceses that include in their territories priests, congregations, Caritas and laypeople who work in the Amazon jungle
The clergy will blame man and global warming for the destruction of the rain-forest.  None of the clergy will blame their own sins.

Granted, man has stripped the rain-forest for commercial gain. But there are other elements that play havoc on the  area - like the sins of the clergy. And the stripped and barren new mass. God is not pleased with the Vatican II disease or the stripped and barren new mass of Paul VI.

So how does show his displeasure? According to the Blessed Mother at La Salette - God will strike in an unprecedented way and God will send punishments one after the other for well over 35 years. And to get the attention of the wicked clergy.

Instead the wicked clergy will ignore the message of La Salette and will try to put the blame for all the natural disasters on Corporations and global warming.

What will happen tomorrow at the Vatican Sponsored event? Will God send another message to the thick neck clergy?

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