Monday, February 22, 2021

Kevin The Peacock Who Became A London Lockdown Symbol Of Hope Is Killed By Fox on The Run

'RIP Kevin': Peacock who became a London lockdown symbol of hope is killed by foxes 

LONDON - Kevin the peacock, a sassy blue bird who mysteriously appeared at the beginning of lockdown last March and became a symbol of hope for locals confined to their homes, has been killed by foxes. In a somber email sent to parents on Sunday, Chris Evans, the principal of Yardley Primary School - the place Kevin chose as home for almost a year, said that their cherished mascot had been killed by a fox, or possibly several over the weekend. His remains were found by the school's devastated janitor who had developed a close bond with the animal, often feeding him mixed seeds and fruit and generally making a fuss over him. For the residents of Chingford, this leafy town on the edge of east London, Kevin was so much more than an animal that squawked long into the night. He was an "icon" and local treasure. A majestic creature who danced in their gardens like a Spice Girl, perched on their walls and rooftops elegantly and brought comfort to those grieving the loss of loved ones to covid-19. Source 

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