Monday, October 5, 2015

Evil Portent For Marriage! Actual LAMIA Found!! Appears On The Eve Of The Synod On The Family!!! Creature Named In De Divortio ("Concerning Divorce") AS A THREAT TO MARRIAGE!


Do not all charms fly
At the mere touch of cold philosophy?
There was an awful rainbow once in heaven:
We know her woof, her texture; she is given
In the dull catalogue of common things.
Philosophy will clip an Angel's wings,
Conquer all mysteries by rule and line,
Empty the haunted air, and gnom├Ęd mine—
Unweave a rainbow, as it erewhile made
The tender-person'd Lamia melt into a shade.
John Keats 

What is a Lamia? a home wrecker, a devourer of children a real nasty bitch. Supposed to have a face of a woman (above leathery face looks like most faces of NYC hags) & boobs too I don't see any in the pics - I guess modesty prevents the scientists from showing the boobs (that's probably a good thing, because I bet the boobs would look like those that hang off that old hag in the bathroom scene in the movie the Shinning! - I still have nightmares about that one!)
....the chief characteristics of the Lamiae, apart from their thirst for blood, are their uncleanliness, their gluttony, and their stupidity".  John Cuthbert Lawson
Sounds just like your typical modern day woman...

In the De Divortio ("Concerning Divorce") treatise written by Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims (d. 882) Claims that the Lamiae is:
among the supernatural dangers that threatened marriages, and identified them with geniciales feminae, female reproductive spirits. (Succubus)
Wow! Just before the Synod on the family too! How's that for timing! 

The Lamia is a threat to Marriage just like the Synod is a threat to Marriage!

Mysterious creature which appears to be a hybrid between a crocodile and a buffalo terrifies villagers in Thailand
Villagers in a remote Thai village have been left bewildered and terrified by the appearance of this bizarre creature. The strange looking animal has dark, scaly skin like a reptile and a crocodile-shaped head - despite being born from a buffalo. Footage of the odd creature shows it laid out on a table as a gathering crowd prods its scaly skin and head while lighting candles and incense. The animal surfaced in High Rock, Wanghin in Thailand, and was born to a buffalo, local website Rath reported. It was claimed the buffalo had given birth to a previous litter of perfectly healthy calves. But exactly how the creature came to grow scales and form an elongated snout akin to a crocodile remains a mystery - though villagers now hope it will bring them good luck. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Figures She Would Show Up Just Before The Synod!

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