Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hurricane Joaquin

Well the Pope's visit was uneventful. No Natural Disasters, and no the Pope's plane did not crash into the Ocean.

I guess the Pope gets to go through with the Synod on the family.

The following video is the Pope blessing America and his attempt at making the sign of the cross 

May God Bless You All, God Bless America

As Louie Verrecchio pointed out in his post Sotto il diavolo? It does look like the Pope does have a problem with making the sign of the cross over the faithful, and as you can see in the above video I would say that he does have a problem - maybe its because he doesn't get enough practice in during mass because the last blessing of the Priest at the end of Mass has been done away with.

Also notice in the video a glimpse of the pontiff looking out the window.....looks sad...enough to make you feel sorry for the man.

Yea...I'm starting to feel sorry for the man.

Everyone now is piling up on the man - these are the same souls who took well over six months to a year to almost two years to awake up to this Pope.  So now I'm starting to think that if all these lay fools were fooled for well over a year with this pope, and then now when the majority of the same souls are piling up on the pope, maybe its time to back off. Plus the look of the Pope in the window of the Plane.

Granted the Pope is a Heretic and should be removed from office.

But something tells me that something has changed in the man. Maybe its just a momentary lapse in his mission of destruction. He needs a breather from the war he and his henchmen have waged.

Either way the doom is still on and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is not even in sight.

And of course the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of  Holy Roman Emperor is apparently the work of only me in my mind.

But I'll tell you what should really piss me off, is the fact that the same men who were heaping praise on Francis the day after he was elected and then waiting for well over six months to a year to pile on the man will be the same men (who now are ballot casting fools) who will claim that they are the ones who are restoring  Divinely Ordained Authority of  Holy Roman Emperor once this good work gets enough press.

I guess its safety in numbers the weak men with talent sit on their ass waiting for more to show interest before they join in the fray.

And I guess that that this pontificate is just a foreshadowing of what to expect when the restoration of all things in Christ gets underway.

What to expect based on the pontificate of Francis:

1. No one will help restore the Divinely Ordained Authority of  Holy Roman Emperor
2. Men with talent will hide themselves until there is enough interest in the restoration in the Divinely Ordained Authority of  Holy Roman Emperor and maybe they can make some money off it. 
3. There will be several conferences claiming to be the ones in the forefront in restoring the Divinely Ordained Authority of  Holy Roman Emperor.
4. etc.....

But there is a prophecy that tells me that pay backs are a bitch, because when all is said and done the ones who are taking for credit for something that they have no business in doing, are the ones who will be accounted as false brethren and will one day be done away with.

This is my motto:
Now there was found in it a man poor and wise, and he delivered the city by his wisdom, and no man afterward remembered that poor man.
This is the way it has always been and always will be.....

*oh and if things get so bad in the Church that both Francis and Benedict are forced to give the go ahead to the Imperial Electors to elect the Next Holy Roman Emperor to help clean up the mess ......yea that should stir some things up......

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