Thursday, October 6, 2022

Distributism In Action: Michigan Farmer Andy Stutzman Spraying Human Shit All Over His Produce And Sold It In Stores......

Michigan farm called Kuntry Gardens is caught spraying untreated HUMAN sewage on vegetables sent to local supermarkets, with locals warned to throw out anything that may be contaminated 

Michigan residents and grocery stores are warned to check their vegetables after a local farm admitted to dropping untreated human waste on the soil. Kuntry Gardens farm owner Andy Stutzman was forced to shut down his farm after he told state health officials on September 28 that untreated human waste was dumped on the land from a nearby outhouse around February. 'The human sewage was only a very small portion on a five by five area,' Stutzman told 'It wasn't properly disposed. It did get out in the field. To be exact, I'd say, four gallons of product.' Stutzman explained the sewage wasn't mixed up with the other fertilizers but rather the waste containers from the outdoor restroom were dumped in the field - and the land wasn't plowed until April. 'It was underneath, it was not contacting any fruits or vegetables,' Stutzman insisted. The farm owner said he was told by a soil specialist that the sewage had deteriorated, but he decided to be honest with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) officials after months of the farm's products heading to local grocery stores. 'During a routine produce safety inspection, MDARD staff identified that Kuntry Gardens was using raw, untreated human waste on the fields where produce was grown for sale to local grocery stores and direct sales,' the state health department wrote in an October 3 statement. The Kuntry Gardens has since been shut down indefinitely as Stutzman has been ordered to dispose of his crops. Source

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