Sunday, February 7, 2016

Zika (ZIKV) Virus Spread By Haj Pilgrims Who Were Sprayed By Water Vapour From Metal Pipes To Cool The Crowds Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslims During Their Day Of Prayers At Arafat

Green is said to be the favorite color of Prophet Muhammad

How did the Zika Virus spread?

OK blame soccer players and fans, or canoeing teams from French Polynesia, or Pope Francis & the kids  that attended World Youth Day in Rio....but don't blame the Muslim herd who attend the Haj every year - literally millions. Millions of Muslim Pilgrims attend the Haj every year, they then go back home.

Should not the Haj Pilgrims be added to the list as possible culprits in spreading the Zika Virus?

How is it possible to contaminate Muslims with the Zika Virus?

Zika Virus In The Water Supply

Who are the ones who were capable of placing Zika Virus in water supply at the Haj......

Good luck Mecca! Oh...what to look for  
1. Infectious diseases carried by pilgrims back to their homeland...what do you think you were sprayed with? 
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Zika (ZIKV) Virus Spread By Haj 

A massive crowd of two million Muslims poured into a vast Saudi plain before dawn today as they gathered to worship at the foot of Mount Arafat marking the pinnacle of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. The flow of exhausted pilgrims was so big that Saudi security forces had to form a human chain along the roads of the vast Arafat plain while a jets of water were sprayed on the huge crowds to keep them cool amid searing heat. Many of the faithful from around the globe camped at the foot of Mount Arafat where they slept and prayed - despite the scorching sun - at the spot where Prophet Mohammed is believed to have given his final sermon. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Green The Favorite Color of Muhammad

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